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Things people never told you about taking care of your jewelry. Everyone loves their jewelry but nobody tells you how to take care of it. Here are some common mistakes jewelers come across.

1. BLEACH/CHLORINE. Bleach that common household cleaner that just about is used in every household, is deadly to your gold jewelry. While gold itself is not harmed by chlorine or bleach the alloys that give your gold strength is. What happens it the chlorine reacts to the alloy and causes it to leach out the gold pores and leave hollow spaces (like the little bubbles in a bar of chocolate) this makes it soft and fragile. This reaction is called FEROCITY and is one of the top causes of lost stones in rings. So if you have to use chlorine, take off your jewelry or wear good cleaning gloves.

2. TOOTHPASTE. No explanation needed on this one. While toothpaste is a good thing for your teeth, using an abrasive to clean your jewelry is a NO-NO. The mild abrasive in the paste will mar your jewelry and after a while damage it.

3. MIXING GOLD AND SILVER JEWELRY TOGETHER IN A CLEANING SOLUTION. Another no-no. While leaving your jewelry in the container will not harm it if you put all gold or all silver jewelry separately, adding gold and silver together will cause a form of electroplating to occur. While not really harmful to your jewelry it can be aesthetically displeasing and call for a run to your jeweler to have them polished by hand to restore them.