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4 Services We Can Provide as a Jewelry Designer

The fashion industry is huge and full of wonderful opportunities. Some gravitate towards fashion designing while others select graphic designing as their niche.

If you have a creative mind and an eye for detail then you can make quite a name for yourself in jewelry designing. Opportunities are vast in this industry as you can some stunning designs to your clients.

Let’s have a look at some of the common services that you can provide as an established jewelry designer.

1.    Designing Out of the Box Concepts

You can let your imagination steer the wheel with its exquisite ideas for modern day jewelry. The designs can be based on anything from shapes of animals, fish or even plants. All these have been very intriguing pieces over the past few years.

You can add to this innovation by combining metals. For instance, why can’t there be a little gold embedded in the silver engagement ring? However, the intricacy of the design should be such that makes the gold intertwined with sliver look aesthetically pleasing.

The out-of-the-box thinking may not be very easy to bring into tangible reality. But that shouldn’t discourage you. In fact, if you can do the unthinkable, you will build up your value in the industry as an unconventional sought-after artist!

2.    Catering to Custom Requests

Sometimes, your clients love your craftsmanship and your gems but they are just too particular about the design to fully appreciate your unique ones. That mostly happens when people want to personalize their jewelry. Custom designs can include names engraved on engagement rings, lockets for necklaces designed to look like someone’s initials among several other things that your clients can ask for. If you accommodate their particular requests well, they will surely become your lifetime customers.

Bringing Old World Craftsmanship

We have been so engrossed with the latest and the newest that we sometimes fail to see the value of old things. Jewelry made by hand had once been the most successful form of adornment. It can re-gain that position only if the craftsmanship of the jewelry maker has the touch that was encompassed in the skills of the older generations.

 You can hire an experienced artisan for the purpose of achieving excellent hand-crafted results.

CAD Designs

While on one hand we must not forget about how valuable our past has been, we must also not lose the sight of our future. Many jewelry businesses are now developing CAD designs using 3D images from graphic designs. This method of design building does not only eliminates the need to build wax models of the jewelry but it also opens up thousands of options for designs that wouldn’t be possible to form with wax.

Jewelry design and repair was never as easy as it is now. Due to the advancement in technology, computer assisted designs have revolutionized this industry. Even someone with a limited skill-set can now produce a phenomenal design and turn it into an incredible masterpiece with expert artisanship.

You can have a bright future in this industry. So if you think you what it takes, take a chance and delve into the beautiful world of jewelry designing.