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4 Types of Jewelry Repair Services for Our Clients

Intricate and exquisite jewelry is hard to find. If it breaks or suffers some other kind of wear and tear you can’t replace it. You have to get it fixed, especially if it is a personalized jewelry piece that’s gifted to you by your friends or family.

Your jewelry has more value than just that of money when the feelings of your friends and family are a part of it. It has a sentimental value attached to it.

As a jewelry designer, we provide several repair services to our clients to preserve their sentiments by giving them their jewelry back good as new. Let’s have a look at some of the services that we provide.

1.  Resetting Gemstones 

Imagine losing a precious diamond from your jewelry. It is always a nightmare when you pick out your favorite jewelry and notice a diamond missing from it. Even if you can find the gemstone in time, the difficult part is to put it back in place. Gemstones are fixed into the jewelry with the help of prongs. If the prongs break off or get loose due to some reason then the gems fall out too!

We can fix the prongs and secure the diamonds safely inside them to give our clients their jewelry exactly how it had been when they had first bought it!

2.  Fixing a Broken Necklace

A broken pin at the base of a necklace can shelf your necklace for quite a long time. You just can’t wear it until you get the pin fixed. However, that is an easy repair. If your beady necklace breaks up, then that’s a repair that needs time.

As a jewelry designer, we will need to put all beads back in the necklace in the same manner as before so the necklace can retain its original look.

3.    Ring Sizing Services

For several reasons, your wedding ring may become too tight or too loose for you and you’d need to have it rightly sized for you again.

As a professional jeweler, we can size up the ring to our client’s requirements so that it fits them perfectly once more.

4.    Regular Maintenance

Regular polishing of the jewelry and plating it in gold or platinum are all part of regular jewelry maintenance.

Many people value their jewelry not because it is very expensive but only because they were gifted that particular piece by someone important in their life. If we can help them fix and maintain that piece, they will retain a great amount of gratitude for us. They will choose to return to our jewelry store for more services and products. In fact, in this way we are able to establish a good relationship with our clients that last a lifetime!