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3 Must-Have Qualities of an Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is inarguably one of your most prized possessions. It is so because it is a once in a lifetime gift from the love of your life. An engagement ring represents your love, relationship and commitment.

 It has to be more than just a round band.

 It must be absolutely perfect for you!

Let’s see some of the qualities that are an absolute must for your engagement ring.

1.    Adheres to the 4 C’s of Diamonds

Before you buy a diamond engagement ring, make sure that it fulfills the 4 C’s of the diamonds.


The first C is all about the diamond cut. This determines the sparkle of the diamond. It can be judged with a scale starting from excellent going right down to poor. Your ring will be quite pretty if you choose between an excellent or very good cut.


Secondly, ensure that the diamond is colorless. If you are going to have it embossed in a golden ring, then a little color will be just fine.


The third thing you should notice is whether there are any imperfections in the diamond. The more perfect it is, the better it will look.


When choosing a diamond, be careful of the carats. The diamond may look bigger in size but it may still carry a lighter weight. A carat is the weight measurement of the diamond.

2.    It is Trendy

Another not-to-miss quality of the engagement ring should be the fact that it boasts a trending design. Sure, you can propose to your fiancé with your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding rings and make it sentimental, but frankly she won’t be able to show off a family heirloom to her friends as much as a hot new design that just hit the market!

3.    The Right Type of Design

Select the type of design that you know your fiancé will just love. You can select from:


You can pick the classic design that is full of perfection. When it comes to classic designs, it generally means that your engagement ring will have one round diamond in the center or three diamonds in a row. In any case, a classic ring is what many girls prefer.


The modern designs break the conventional boundaries and bring forward something new. They focus on utilizing minimal materials to get excellent results. Such designs are made for the modern day woman who can comfortably wear her engagement ring to work.


This would be an out-of-the-box ring for her, but your fiancé will surely love the unique vintage designs. You can have a 100-year old design custom-made to get the vintage look that you want.    

Jewelry represents our sentiments towards our loved ones. The more thought we give into it, the better outcome we will be able to get. As a jewelry designer you must always bear in mind that your designs should be according to the choice of your clients, otherwise the worth of your diamonds will be nothing. If you can give them exactly what they are looking for, only then it will be considered as a job well done! Make someone’s engagement a wonderful experience with your beautiful craft and amazing designs.